Serves 6


1 x Leg of ham bone – use a leg of ham bone once all the meat has been removed OR 600 gram smoked ham hock

⅔ cup leek, diced

2 garlic cloves, finely chopped

2 carrots, diced

⅔ cup frozen peas

1 bay leaf

375 grams dried lentils, washed

1 litre salt-reduced chicken stock

1.7 litres water

1 teaspoon salt-reduced chicken stock powder

¼ teaspoon cracked pepper


Place all ingredients into a large boiling pot and cook on medium heat until the liquid begins to simmer. Reduce to low heat and cook for about one hour, or until the vegetables and lentils have softened and meat is falling off the ham bone or hock.

Remove the ham bone or hock from the liquid and place on a chopping board and allow it to cool enough to handle. Shred the meat off the bone and place back into the soup liquid and stir through. Serve immediately.

MainsJulie Nicolaides