Are you READY…GO!!!

Power Of Food is here to deliver a different type of team building event where you will be divided into teams, and given a box of ingredients and recipe to create a mouth-watering dish using only those ingredients.

There will also be a MYSTERY BOX where each team is given the same box of ingredients to create a dish using only those ingredients. DON’T WORRY, our host…Julie Nicolaides, an Accredited Clinical Nutritionist and self-confessed FOODIE, will be there to assist with ideas as to what to cook if needed, and to give your team tips and tricks as well.

Your Host…Julie, will also be the judge, tasting each team’s dishes once completed, and critiquing on teamwork, creativity, taste and presentation…each team is given a score, which will decide the overall grand champion MASTER CHEF TEAM!!!

This group cooking challenge is all about learning to create and cook quick and easy nutritional dishes using simple wholefood ingredients to deliver both…DELICIOUSNESS AND MOUTHWATERING TASTES!!!


  • All ingredients…PLUS enjoyment of eating the dishes you have created and cooked

  • Copy of recipes

  • Coloured aprons for each team member

  • Portable hotplates, pans, utensils and serving platters where needed

  • Power Of Food embroidered tea towels for the winning team members

  • 3 Hours of fun and laughter learning about wholefoods and their health benefits


Your place of work or other agreed location


From $100 per person, with the menu being tailored specifically to your request

Contact Julie today for a QUOTE for your own…MASTER CHEF Team Building Event, pitting each team off against each other, to build strength within your team!!!