Join our Nutritionist, Julie Nicolaides for a fun and interactive Group (In person) or Individual cooking class (In person or Skype), where you will discover your love for wholefoods and the amazing tastes they deliver. These menus are tailored specifically to your request as to what you would like to cook, and of course what you love to EAT!!!

Exotic Thai Inspired Wholefoods is one menu you may ENJOY eating! All classes involve hands on participation in cooking your super tasty feast. Throughout the cooking class Julie will explain the health benefits of the wholefoods you are using, and how they impact your health and wellness.

Along the way you will be given tips and tricks on breaking down the barriers associated with food planning, preparation and cooking. These three processes are broken down into simple steps so you feel less frustration, to allow for enjoyment and empowerment! You will finish the class enjoying the delicious food as it was meant to be, with friends/family and great conversation.

Classes can accommodate up to 12 people. This allows for plenty of opportunity to ask questions and discuss subjects relating to nutrition. Grab some of your friends, family members or colleagues and start experiencing the health benefits of cooking and eating wholefoods. 

Telephone or email some details and we will develop a quote for your cooking class.

Location: Ayr, address supplied upon registration

Group or Individual Cost: As per agreed price

Time: 12:00pm - 3:00pm

Included: All ingredients, copy of recipes, serviettes, mini cardboard food trays, timber knives, forks and spoons, and an opportunity to ask about wholefoods and their impact on your health and wellness

Rice Paper Rolls.JPG

Exotic Thai Inspired Wholefoods

Unleash your cooking skills by creating mouth-watering Thai inspired cuisine to impress your family and friends.

The menu can include vegetable rice paper rolls with lime chilli dipping sauce; satay chicken kebabs; coconut and bean salad; warm Thai noodle salad; and chocolate berry slice.

Menu may change slightly depending on seasonal fresh produce.


“I loved the hands on cooking class prepared by Julie at Power of Food. The recipes were easy to follow and the food was delicious. An enjoyable night with friends, sharing laughs, wine and great food.”
Alice S

“Julie’s Thai Cooking Class was a fun, relaxed and enjoyable experience that I’d highly recommend to anyone interested! Her warm, friendly and personable approach to showing us how to make simple, easy and absolutely delicious meals is certainly worth your time. I’d like to mention that my favourite part of the lesson was the taste testing (Ha!), but in all seriousness, after taking this class, it gave me the confidence to approach dishes independently that I wouldn’t have tried otherwise. The recipies Julie taught us were spectacular and easy enough for a beginner to cook again on their own. I’ll definitely be investing in another cooking class experience with Power of Food – 5 Stars!”
Stephania S