Our Accredited Clinical Nutritionist, Julie Nicolaides is able to provide comprehensive treatment plans that are catered to each individual’s needs. Treatment plans may include food and lifestyle recommendations, nutritional supplements, blood tests, and meal plans. This specialised service puts individuals on the right track to live a healthy whole life.

For your initial consultation we discuss your short and long term health goals, current nutrition, medical history, and lifestyle and its impact on your overall health and wellness. A minimum of one follow up consultation is recommended to ensure the nutrition recommendations are suitable for your health goals and health journey.

We also offer meal planning and shopping list consultations to assist you and/or your family, easing the frustration and confusion associated with these tasks to allow for enjoyment and empowerment in these areas.

Get in touch today and you will see just how easy it can be to lead a healthy whole life!

Consultation Pricing:

Initial Consultation (60 minutes): $100 > BOOK HERE

Extended Initial Consultation (75 minutes): $130 > BOOK HERE

Initial Consultation + Meal Plan (60 minutes): $160 > BOOK HERE

Follow-up Consultation (30 minutes): $75 > BOOK HERE

Extended Follow-up Consultation (45 minutes): $85 > BOOK HERE

Meal Planning + Shopping List Consultation (60 minutes): $60 > BOOK HERE

Skype: Same as above

Home visits: *Conditions apply

10% Discount for Australian Government Pension Card holders

Private Health Rebates are available depending on your Health Care Fund and level of cover.


“Julie is very knowledgeable and she gives excellent food suggestions that taste great as well.”
Paula M