This is a Nutritionist designed 8-week group coaching program where you will learn to find your healthy ideal weight and heal your relationship with food. To be able to jump off the yo-yo dieting roller coaster and start living a healthy non-diet life!

This program is for you if you:

  • Feel guilty about food you have eaten

  • Are tired of being on restrictive diets that bring you no joy

  • Feel like a failure because low willpower gets the better of you

  • Struggle with your body image

  • Are confused about what to eat that doesn't take all your time to prepare and is expensive


Imagine this day in 8 weeks time when you have:

  • Transformed your negative thought patterns towards food

  • Learnt how to eat with balance

  • Gained energy and happiness within yourself

  • Learnt how to make nutritionally balanced meals that are quick, easy, affordable and TASTY!

If you are ready for all of this, then Nutrition For Life is for you! 


I understand where you are at and I’m ready to help:

I used to restrict my food intake and worry about whether the food I was eating would make me gain or lose weight. 

Eventually it got to a point where I was so sick of thinking about food, it was so annoying and frustrating to live every day that way! It had to change, I couldn't sustain it any longer. At that point, I realised it was better to feel well-nourished and not deprived so my energy levels and mind were at a healthy state.

Therefore, I began to educate myself on balanced nutrition and started practising healthy habits once again. This allowed me to find my ideal weight and heal my relationship with food. 

Today I enjoy a varied diet that includes all the foods I love, especially...DARK CHOCOLATE (and able to maintain my weight)!

Now I'm here to help you achieve the same. 


How it works: 

During this intimate and highly supportive 8-week group coaching program you will learn to find your ideal weight and heal your relationship with food, so you are able to stop yo-yo dieting and start living a whole full life!

Each week we will meet to discuss your wins and challenges as you develop a new mindset and behaviours on your journey away from yo-yo dieting and toward your ideal weight.

In between your weekly group sessions you will have support and encouragement from me via private Facebook group!

How you will benefit: 

  • Form balanced eating habits 

  • Learn to find your ideal weight that’s easy to maintain 

  • Feel more energised

  • Learn food shopping and cooking hacks that will save you time and money

What is included:

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Info Sheet

New client intake form so I know you and your goals and we can hit the ground running

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Coaching Calls

8 x weekly private group coaching calls so you feel supported and accountable to achieve your goal of finding your ideal weight

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Facebook Group

Private Facebook group where you will feel supported and encouraged along the way

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My entire vault of nutrition tools & resources (outlined below) so that you have clear guidelines and information that you can learn from and refer to for life!!!



  1. Mindset and creating good habits tips

  2. Week 1 = 10 Recipes, then Weeks 2 - 7 = 3 new recipes weekly

  3. Where to get your nutrition - carbohydrates, fats and protein foods (macronutrients)

  4. How to plan your meals - weekly meal planner / carbohydrates, fats & protein foods lists / shopping list

  5. Cost effective grocery shopping tips

  6. How to read nutrition labels

  7. Creating quick and easy meals tips

  8. How to build a well balanced plate

The investment & next steps

Payment options: 

Pay-in-full option: $595

Payment plan option: $82.50 x 8 = $660

PROGRAM START DATE: Tuesday 28th January, 2020. Please complete the form below to book your spot!



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